An Open Letter to John Stewart (Leibowitz)

Dear John,

For many years I watched your show, and found it funny. As of late, you are a f$%#ing moron. As a Yankee Bastard, I would not expect you to understand “Real America”. We get it. Like many lapse-Hebrews you are intent on voting democrat this year. Please ignore the fact that he will probably screw over Israel and make himself buddy buddy with Iran. That is no concern to you. Let me explain something to you. New York and LA are not America. They are world cities. There is a reason that the south and Midwest are here. They are more than filling your pockets, and fighting unrepentantly for your freedom, while you poke fun from your safe little desk. Being a dumb Yankee is your gift, go with it. Rest assured, middle American small towns will still allow you to spread you cranial rectal plague to our young. They are pretty gullible and dumb. I know it gets you ratings, but what happens If a Democrat actually gets into office and things go horribly wrong. What do you do? Holy hell John! You’re f$#@ed. So, since you want to lower yourself to insulting a VP candidate because she tells the truth. GFY and have a nice day. You are just not funny anymore.  With love……Real America.


~ by gotea on October 20, 2008.

10 Responses to “An Open Letter to John Stewart (Leibowitz)”

  1. If this is satirical, than fantastic job sir. If this is serious, then who are you kidding. The idea that there is a “real america” and a so-called “fake” america or “anti-america” america is just bullshit. Just because a large group of people don’t agree with your (flawed) ideas about how to run the country, they are suddenly anti-american or simply imaginary? Because, of course, the racist, homophobic, anti-semetic, evangelical xenophobes are the “true” america, the ones who have made this country the great nation it is today. Because of course, the KKK and their sniveling, disgusting ilk constitute the “real” america, and the brilliant scientists and thinkers that the “fake” america produced are out to DESTROY every value the “real” america holds dear (like religious intolerance and homophobia). Once more, though, if this is a satire, I admire you.

    • See this is the issue here. Every time one of you left wing nut jobs come to my blog they stereotype all southerners with the KKK/inbred title and make themselves look like fools. It makes it hard to discuss the fact I am right.

  2. I appreciate your reply. Not Satire. And screaming KKK and homophobia does not change the fact you haven’t a clue. You were lured into this mess, here is hoping that in 4 years there is anything left of “Real” America. And dumb Yankee has nothing to do with the KKK. Read a book my carpetbagging friend. Your Unionization has destroyed your industrialized base. Please come stronger than this race baiting slur ridden rant that only supports my position that there is a Cranial Rectal Plague and yours may be terminal.

    • “Real America”? As a Canadian I’m really hoping that real America can comprehend that one must be smart to lead a nation as potent as the USA. If you are a voter and someone makes you feel good because they speak ‘your language’, and you don’t consider yourself a person of substantial education and scholarly merit, then perhaps you should consider that the person making you feel good is a populist and populists usually become same because they haven’t the ability to think of the world as it really is in all it’s complexity and detail.

  3. I-I’m a FAKE american? Oh my godness! How could this have happened? The democratic media, and liberal spokespersons… they overwrote my free thinking self! Thank you for turning my head toward the light, and illuminating my wrong and unamerican doings. Now I can march blindly forward as a real american. Thank the star-spangled heavens.

    God, get over yourself you douche.

  4. I don’t know if you are a fake American or not. I can only verify you are a total moron.

  5. It is my personal opinion after reading this post and the subsequent replies that the writer is either severely mentally unstable, an inbred southerner, or a real dumbass. It has been my opinion for a long time that the part of America below the Mason-Dixon Line (also known as the shithole of the world, or the “south”) is the reason why much of the world hates us as a country right now. Besides slavery, racism, the Civil War, George Bush, and millions of other aspects of our country that make us look like ignorant shitheads, what else has ever come out of the south? As much as I like the Civil War era references like “Yankee” and “Carpetbagger”, I have a hard time taking you and your skewed view of America seriously. The Civil War was lost over a hundred years ago, I suggest you get over it. And if you have a problem with a unified America, and you would rather spew your “real America” and “fake Amercia” bullshit, it would be my suggestion that you leave. You would not be missed by me or anyone else, and why don’t you take the entire south with you? I think our reputation as a country would certainly get better as a result.

  6. You lost me at inbred. Name calling make your argument moot. I think I will stay. This is my home. Read more, I am sure you anger will grow.

  7. I hold no anger. Just disillusionment that the hatred you breed with your “real” and “fake” America comments holds weight with a large majority of Americans. All you do with that talk is tear people apart. Your right the name calling is uncalled for, but reading things like this reminds me of people like Michelle Bachmann and other stupid rightists and even leftists that spew all this hatred for political reasons. In today’s world with all the threats we face, can you at least agree that we need to be unified?

    • Actually I don’t think unity for the sake of all is a good thing. Disagreements are what makes this country great. The problem is we have a generation of children growing up thinking they are changing the world. They are, but they lack the foresight and pragmatic base reasoning needed to make everyday decisions. Hell we just elected a man with 0 experience to the highest position in the land after having a President that was a total flop in his own right. There have to be more qualified people out there.

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