Quest For the Perfect Cup of Coffee: More on Organic Trials.

Since my first post on super coffee, I have made a concerted effort to try and find affordable ways to put healthier things in my diet. I must admit I was skeptical, but I have been completely surprised with some of my tests.

A little update on my quest for a good organic coffee. I have found a few that I really enjoy. My first experience was poor, but not off-putting. It got me thinking about other factors, like the environment where the coffee is grown(or any crop for that matter). I have decided that Asian or African coffees are off the books for me. Not that I won’t drink them, but even if there are certified organic, the pollutants in the surrounding environment really make me worry. Take one look at the Olympic coverage in China, and the smog was hard to miss. I can’t help but think about a rain shower taking that down to the field and onto my coffee beans. To be fair, most of the Asian coffees are made east of there. It still makes me concerned about teas and coffees from that region. Africa on the other hand, I worry about. I have seen organic African coffee and I have to throw down the BS card. I had heard stories in passing years ago that African countries use a lot of banned pesticides still. DDT anyone? Well maybe not, but I did a little search and found this story. It is clear my fears are pretty well founded. I am not saying, don’t buy coffees from these regions, but I would be wary if I was indeed searching for a healthier cup of joe. I still lean towards Jamaican, Hawaiian, or some Central American beans.

Now, the reason for a new post on this. I have recently moved onto organic sugar trials. I don’t always use sugar in my coffee, but after being a broke college student, you learn to drink coffee black. Sugar and cream became a treat. I must say that the difference in organic coffee taste v.s. regular is not a lot different. Organic sugar, is dramatically better tasting for me. I am stoked. Organic sugar is not as processed, and is a lot more sweet to me. I can use less of it, so the negligible cost difference balances out for me, a win win situation for me. You don’t even have to go for the hippy tree hugger small company brands with an agenda. Domino makes a really good organic, at a really good price. One of the best things for organics would be for larger producers to start incorporating this tech. They have a better chance at doing it at a cheaper price. I am not anti-small guy here, but they really do cost more, and are more likely to try and screw me on the price.

Well, there you are. Just a little more info from me on my experiences. For new visitor to my site, you may be surprised at my unrepentant right leaning posts. How does organics fit into my scheme? I don’t fit the health nut model. Simple. Capitalism drives innovation. Organics are innovation, or retrovation as I would call it. Capitalism is the best chance for organics to survive in a cost conscious world. Mull that one over for a bit.


~ by gotea on October 20, 2008.

2 Responses to “Quest For the Perfect Cup of Coffee: More on Organic Trials.”

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  2. I like the point you make about being conservative and still looking into organics – one doesn’t really have anything to do with the other, does it? As you’ve probably discovered, Wal-Mart and Costco both carry organic lines, so though it runs contrary to some people’s idea of what organic should be, the big players are definitely in. Lots of good places on the web to find organic coffee, by the way, if you’re not finding what you like locally.

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