Today Is The Day…To Fight Socialism

By voting today you can do several wonderful things.

  • Stop the welfare state
  • Tell Europe, Africa, South America and the rest of the would where they can stick it
  • Make sure Chicago gets a good ole 1 million idiot riot
  • Expose the media hate machine that is the #1 enemy of the American way of life
  • Elect a war hero
  • Piss off hippies
  • Piss off racists

Ah.  A once in a lifetime action, with so much to be gained, and lost.


~ by gotea on November 4, 2008.

One Response to “Today Is The Day…To Fight Socialism”

  1. What is the first step? Everything I have fought for since taking the Oath of Enlistment is slipping away and I can’t find a foothold that is ethical. While I was away, America voted in a Socialist/Communist. Our Second Amendment Rights were almost dissolved in a recent vote, and they were saved by only one vote! Politicians, the ACLU, and Socialists have done too much damage. How can I rectify this? Does my military status prevent me from acting?

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