Next Up: Subverting Leftist “Change” In America

The Yankees and West Coast spoke yesterday. They said, “Gimme!” One look at the electoral map and you can see the true dividing line. No, the line had nothing to do with race, no matter how you paint it. I am happy we have a black man as president. It makes me want to vomit he is a leftist.  The failing states of California, New York, and Florida(along with the other union controlled states) are not my America. You allow unchecked immigration and amnesty and then lose by 4 million votes, you only have yourself to blame. The Jews of Florida voted for a man that will destroy Jerusalem. Good move morons. As for New York and California, I see your companies move here all the time. The south has your jobs, and you are pissed.  It is funny fact that only the up and coming south and Midwest voted with intelligence and foresight. A note to Puerto Rico, either become a state or get out of New york City. For too long have you enjoyed the benefits of being American while thumbing your noses at us. The Gimmie has got to go. We have 4 years to endure the brainwashing of our youth, and the tyranny of the minority. To remain prosperous the south may once again have to take the steps towards secession. It appears that the only way to stop the essentialist layabouts of our overpopulated coastal regions is to leave them in the dust. Let us not forget that these are the people who got right off the boat and said “We are here.” They didn’t move one inch further. For America to survive we may have to show the leftist and kiddies that their change is another word for failure. Any that disagree can kiss my rebel ass. It is going to get bumpy. The fight for our Republic is upon us. God help us.


~ by gotea on November 5, 2008.

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