A Brave New World..Same Old Song

It is time to end my silence on the state of the world. Since my last post, the world has gone further into the depths of depression and financial ruin. We inaugurated a new president yesterday. He is my president now, and deserves my respect. I hope for nothing but the best. Throughout the day we were reminded of the racisim and slavery that blacks have dealt with in the past. Fact is, Obama has none of those stories to tell. When you scanned the mall in DC you saw a very interesting picture. Not a whole lot of white people made the trip to DC yesterday. That is fine with me. What didn’t get pointed out is, when they pan to the luncheon, not a whole lot of black people got that invite either. We still have ground to cover when it comes to race in America, on both sides of that fence. A few things that changed yesterday:

  • The term “The Man” can no longer be used to point out the white devil ruining the lives of ethnic minorities. They are “The Man” now act accordingly.
  • The media found it actually had a positive side left in reporting. Bad news is their piss poor fear mongering has put many of them on the chopping block as they go belly up. They exacerbated the problem, and shot themselves in the foot. Now that is taking one for the team.
  • Teddy Kennedy looks like hell. My prayers are with him, and his family as they fight their battle with this illness.
  • The next idiot who refers to the oratory prowess of the new President as “The Voice Of God” should be smacked around and sent to Montana. (Why Montana? Alot of space to hide idiots)
  • The world took a collective day off from the Anti-Americanism. They deserved it, They worked hard. On a side note, the US President still will do what is right for the USA first. He is not your President, and any of those funds you are desperately sucking at the red white and blue tit for go here first.
  • Britain is broke, Germany is busted, China is still censoring freedom while making your new futon.

There are so many things that are happeneing that it will take a week to catch up. Most of the current situation I have lined out in previous posts. Good luck folks, we are going to need it. My final thought of the day goes out to Chuck D of Public Enemy. A “Fear of  a Black Planet”? Nah it ain’t so bad.

black planet


~ by gotea on January 21, 2009.

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