Grading Obama: Day 2

In interest of fairness, it is time to take stock of then new President. What criteria do you use? Personally I am more about actions than word. We have had more than enough words. Time for the nitty gritty. I promise to try and stay objective in my grading.

  • Executive orders to close Guantanamo Bay Prison camp are heartening to me. It needed to be done. It was a necessary place at a time. Now it is just Club Med for murderers and misguided idiots. On the positive side for him, he is doing it within one year. On the negative is the remaining reality that those released may returned to being murdering bastards. Many of the counties of origin do not want the responsibility of taking the prisoners. It was a thorn in GW Bush for the entire time it was open, and it will remain so. B+ (here, he did what he said he was going to do.)
  • The stock market reaction to Obama. While most Presidents experience a slight drop on election day the market needs to grow a backbone. Now matter how much publicity the world gets of the new President, this is the real indicator of success. I am the first to admit the previous 8 years did not help any, this downturn started with Bill Clinton, and since they play for the same team, they get the same grade so far. D- (this was a democrat problem when Clinton left , it remains a Democrat problem today)
  • World public opinion. I hate this one, but it has to be a criteria for judging the new President. The halo effect is big on his recent media reach around. This won’t truly change, but in perception, the world is acting like they like Americans for today. They were always bad liars, those ingrates won’t change, and more than likely will go back to bashing us for their own messes.  A+ (Being nice because this baby is going to drop like a prom dress)

Overall grade: B

Not a bad start not a great one. A good chef is not summed up by the appetizers, however the presentation is highly important. Although it looks tasty, I am not sure it won’t make me sick yet.


~ by gotea on January 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Grading Obama: Day 2”

  1. Obama is smart on so many levels for ordering the closure of Guantanamo. It has been a long time coming

  2. While I agree, it may also be a mistake. The one year timetable may be the best part of it.

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