A Letter To My Representative

Not a week ago, a glowing sound came from the hill. Thousands of people took the day off, and went to Washington to watch the new President elected. I went to work. I have no debt, but I am no rich man. I stand to get a sizable check from any low income stimulus. I don’t want it. Heck, I could use it though. The question I as a $2.13+tips worker must ask is, what is the cost? January is always hard for people living on the goodness in others hearts. Smart people plan ahead, but December was not the golden calf it normally is. Restaurants all over Nashville have been crashing and burning. In response, I work harder. I make sure nobody can take my job from me. I am lucky, I still have a job. Credit goes to my boss. I am giving him his props for my stimulus today. He is a small business owner, and like myself, knows how to survive when times get tough. He is a Kentuckian, as am I. Something about coming from a poorer state prepares you for the hard times. Not one time have I come to work and seen him look like a man beaten. Never has a smile drained from his face when news of a poor sales day comes around. There have been many recently. So President Obama, DNC, RNP, and whoever the hell is running California take note.  Help out people like my employer first. Lower his tax burden. Don’t use my money to buy that shiny new car for ACORN, buy condoms for the same people who  aren’t going to use them anyway, help bail out idiots in California who can’t tell the difference between a necessity and luxury, don’t do it. I am not doing it now. My boss is not doing it now.  Now is the time to pull up your bootstraps, and go to work. Those “unwanted” jobs that are taken by the ingrate illegal aliens form Mexico need to be reclaimed. Americans did not forget how to cook, clean, build houses, do roadway projects, or work in factories for lower than 20$ an hour. My suggestion for anyone without a job, go take one of theirs. Out work the huddled masses that are trying to keep their own country afloat, by sucking yours dry. As Spike Lee says,” Do the Right Thing”.  The right thing needs to be glaring our representatives and business owners in the face. Invest in America. By that I mean invest in the people of America. They are the ones that will pull us out of this quagmire. The one positive thing that will come from the economic downturn is a return to the ethic of hard work and accountability. Please don’t let Nancy Pelosi take that from us. Please understand the difference between a handout and a hand-up. As Stephen Foster once wrote in the greatest song ever written,

By and by hard times come a knockin at the door……shoot that son of a bitch if he don’t get off your porch in 5..4…..3….2……1….

Keep your chin up America, and help others by helping yourself.

~ by gotea on January 28, 2009.

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