Forget The Bailout, What About The Volcano?

Mt. Redoubt, 106 miles Southwest of Anchorage is set to blow. What effect will this have on our fine country? Canada, or Europe?  I am no Vulcanologist, but I can put 2 and 2 together here. In winter, the jet stream dips down from the north bringing cold to much of the USA. IF a huge ash cloud hit said jet stream during winter, the US mainland could be adversely effected. While the global financial meltdown is a self perpetuating myth that will be used to further control and redirect the resources of the world AWAY from recovery, this is pretty real. This is an Alaskan Volcano, not the mild Hawaiian type that slowly engulfs towns with lava on the way to the sea. This one is more like Mt St Helen’s, the type that explodes blowing ash into the jet stream bringing ash to the world, and mudflows to nearby towns. Keep an eye on this one, because the economic impact may be pretty big if she blows just right. The last time Mt. Redoubt erupted mudflows hit an oil storage facility, that would probably not be a good thing to help the economy. On top of all that wonderful news, the USGS is currently watching Yellowstone after a cluster of small earthquakes. If you are unaware, Yellowstone is a super-volcano that, if it blows will not only effect tourism, but spell the end to the whole global warming myth. Think Ragnarok. Grandma wasn’t so crazy will all here canned food in the basement was she now. Other news has a 4.3 magnitude earthquake hitting Seattle. Put these things together and you have a situation that sounds like a SCI-FI movie in the making. I am not trying to be a profit of Doom, nor am I attempting to be the AL Gore of Volcanoes. Keep an eye out. It will have an impact it it blows. How much of an impact? We will see.

Volcano Eruption

Volcano Eruption


~ by gotea on January 30, 2009.

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