Is Kentucky, Obama’s Katrina?

4 Days have gone by now with no noticeable effort on the part of FEMA or the office of the new President. The destruction and danger posed by the continued power outages and the typical low winter temperatures have cause Kentucky to mobilize the entire National Guard. Where is the outcry? Where is Kanye West and the TV telethon crying for my family, my Grandmother?

The people of New Orleans had days warning to evacuate the city of New Orleans, then even days more to escape after it hit. Ice Storms don’t give you that luxury, especially if you live in a rural area. generators are running out of gas, and local residents of Kentucky and southern areas of Ill and In are left to fend for themselves. Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Obama will watch the Superbowl while Kentucky freezes to death. It is apparent that the self sufficient nature of Kentuckians and those of the surrounding Ohio Valley is their downfall. They need better advertisements, champions of their causes, and flyovers of devastated areas by MTV.  On a side note, people flocked to Rupp Arena yesterday, to huddle together for warmth, and I am betting not one of them crapped on the floor. Sickening.

~ by gotea on February 1, 2009.

One Response to “Is Kentucky, Obama’s Katrina?”

  1. It seems that now elected, Hussan Obama could careless about thousands of Americans without food, water and freezing to death. He’s nice and warm in that great big old white house!

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