This blog is written by the little voices in my head. It uses reason and a moral compass to sift thru the general poo that surrounds us. I have been upper, middle, lower, and “Broke as a Joke” class. I make no excuses for my stereotypes and broad generalizations. This is the way I see things as a man in his mid 30’s. I find my truths to be self evident.  Free thought and disagreement are encouraged. Please stop by and leave a note of your likes, or dislikes. After all this ain’t China.


One Response to “About”

  1. Dear CRI,

    Love your post on Gen X strikes back. By coincidence, I posted a blogpost today with the same name.


    My original post, before the editor got to it, included more about the WWII generation and a ref to Paul Anka’s cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit:


    Comments welcome, L.

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