Go Ride a Bike.

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I am going to take a break from my normal political finger-pointing and hater-baiting. I am going to write about something that actually makes me feel good for a time.

Last year, through a bad choice or bad luck, I lost my ability to drive for a year. My only option was to bike it. It still is. I always like biking. I learned to ride a bike at the age of 4 or 5. I removed the training wheels from my sisters bike and began my love affair with riding. I grew up in a rural area. I dreamed of one day having a paved road or sidewalk on which to ride. One summer, after we moved from the country, my father bought us all road bikes. I polished that bike every day. I rode from sun up to sun down, up and down hills, sometimes at great distance. You see the world differently when it is all around you, and you learn to peddle faster when a pit bull is chasing you up a hill.

Like many teens, my first car killed the whole biking thing. There was no Lance Armstrong to make me keep riding. So my biking ended for a time. At the age of 30, I lost a good job. It was a horrible job that not only assisted in the onset of high blood pressure, it also put an extra 40 pounds onto my frame. I moved in with a buddy and he was an avid cyclist. I made fun of the outfits he wore, the fact he shaved his legs, but he urged me to get back into the saddle. I picked up a road bike and began to recover. I hated the medicine that I was chained too. I hated the weight that had begun to usher me into middle age. Biking ended that. I remembered what it was like to go fast again. My friend was not into the high speed addiction that I had from birth. There is nothing greater than breaking 50mph on a bike and peddling for more. The joy of conquering a hill or taking a tight turn had replaced sitting in a car listing to a radio.

I started to work again, less time did I have for riding and my friend moved away. Biking, once again, was forgotten. That brings us to today. I am back in the saddle. Forced to commute on a bike. I made it all winter riding in snow, 10 degree temperatures, and rain storms. I am often offered rides from people who feel sorry for me. I feel sorry for them. After a long day at work there is nothing better to tune you down than a nice ride with yourself. So take it from me, go ride a bike. You will feel better for it. You will be better for it.

Is Kentucky, Obama’s Katrina?

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4 Days have gone by now with no noticeable effort on the part of FEMA or the office of the new President. The destruction and danger posed by the continued power outages and the typical low winter temperatures have cause Kentucky to mobilize the entire National Guard. Where is the outcry? Where is Kanye West and the TV telethon crying for my family, my Grandmother?

The people of New Orleans had days warning to evacuate the city of New Orleans, then even days more to escape after it hit. Ice Storms don’t give you that luxury, especially if you live in a rural area. generators are running out of gas, and local residents of Kentucky and southern areas of Ill and In are left to fend for themselves. Nero fiddled while Rome burned, Obama will watch the Superbowl while Kentucky freezes to death. It is apparent that the self sufficient nature of Kentuckians and those of the surrounding Ohio Valley is their downfall. They need better advertisements, champions of their causes, and flyovers of devastated areas by MTV.  On a side note, people flocked to Rupp Arena yesterday, to huddle together for warmth, and I am betting not one of them crapped on the floor. Sickening.

Forget The Bailout, What About The Volcano?

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Mt. Redoubt, 106 miles Southwest of Anchorage is set to blow. What effect will this have on our fine country? Canada, or Europe?  I am no Vulcanologist, but I can put 2 and 2 together here. In winter, the jet stream dips down from the north bringing cold to much of the USA. IF a huge ash cloud hit said jet stream during winter, the US mainland could be adversely effected. While the global financial meltdown is a self perpetuating myth that will be used to further control and redirect the resources of the world AWAY from recovery, this is pretty real. This is an Alaskan Volcano, not the mild Hawaiian type that slowly engulfs towns with lava on the way to the sea. This one is more like Mt St Helen’s, the type that explodes blowing ash into the jet stream bringing ash to the world, and mudflows to nearby towns. Keep an eye on this one, because the economic impact may be pretty big if she blows just right. The last time Mt. Redoubt erupted mudflows hit an oil storage facility, that would probably not be a good thing to help the economy. On top of all that wonderful news, the USGS is currently watching Yellowstone after a cluster of small earthquakes. If you are unaware, Yellowstone is a super-volcano that, if it blows will not only effect tourism, but spell the end to the whole global warming myth. Think Ragnarok. Grandma wasn’t so crazy will all here canned food in the basement was she now. Other news has a 4.3 magnitude earthquake hitting Seattle. Put these things together and you have a situation that sounds like a SCI-FI movie in the making. I am not trying to be a profit of Doom, nor am I attempting to be the AL Gore of Volcanoes. Keep an eye out. It will have an impact it it blows. How much of an impact? We will see.

Volcano Eruption

Volcano Eruption

A Letter To My Representative

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Not a week ago, a glowing sound came from the hill. Thousands of people took the day off, and went to Washington to watch the new President elected. I went to work. I have no debt, but I am no rich man. I stand to get a sizable check from any low income stimulus. I don’t want it. Heck, I could use it though. The question I as a $2.13+tips worker must ask is, what is the cost? January is always hard for people living on the goodness in others hearts. Smart people plan ahead, but December was not the golden calf it normally is. Restaurants all over Nashville have been crashing and burning. In response, I work harder. I make sure nobody can take my job from me. I am lucky, I still have a job. Credit goes to my boss. I am giving him his props for my stimulus today. He is a small business owner, and like myself, knows how to survive when times get tough. He is a Kentuckian, as am I. Something about coming from a poorer state prepares you for the hard times. Not one time have I come to work and seen him look like a man beaten. Never has a smile drained from his face when news of a poor sales day comes around. There have been many recently. So President Obama, DNC, RNP, and whoever the hell is running California take note.  Help out people like my employer first. Lower his tax burden. Don’t use my money to buy that shiny new car for ACORN, buy condoms for the same people who  aren’t going to use them anyway, help bail out idiots in California who can’t tell the difference between a necessity and luxury, don’t do it. I am not doing it now. My boss is not doing it now.  Now is the time to pull up your bootstraps, and go to work. Those “unwanted” jobs that are taken by the ingrate illegal aliens form Mexico need to be reclaimed. Americans did not forget how to cook, clean, build houses, do roadway projects, or work in factories for lower than 20$ an hour. My suggestion for anyone without a job, go take one of theirs. Out work the huddled masses that are trying to keep their own country afloat, by sucking yours dry. As Spike Lee says,” Do the Right Thing”.  The right thing needs to be glaring our representatives and business owners in the face. Invest in America. By that I mean invest in the people of America. They are the ones that will pull us out of this quagmire. The one positive thing that will come from the economic downturn is a return to the ethic of hard work and accountability. Please don’t let Nancy Pelosi take that from us. Please understand the difference between a handout and a hand-up. As Stephen Foster once wrote in the greatest song ever written,

By and by hard times come a knockin at the door……shoot that son of a bitch if he don’t get off your porch in 5..4…..3….2……1….

Keep your chin up America, and help others by helping yourself.

Belgian Rampage: Sick Euro’s Take The Cake

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A man with his face pained black and white, biked all the way through downtown Dendermonde, Belgium today and entered a nursery and murdered innocent children. This may be the sickest act any one human could perpetrate, in my mind. While the world looks upon Americans as the sick brutal society that is causing this, I offer this response to the Belgian baker quoted,”(It’s) something you hear about from America, not here”.  No, this kind of thing does not happen here. This is all on you and your society. This is an epic tragedy, but it should inspire introspection not deflection of blame. It is a sick world, and America did not make it that way. A new low has been reached in Belgium, and it is their cross to bear.

Grading Obama: Day 2

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In interest of fairness, it is time to take stock of then new President. What criteria do you use? Personally I am more about actions than word. We have had more than enough words. Time for the nitty gritty. I promise to try and stay objective in my grading.

  • Executive orders to close Guantanamo Bay Prison camp are heartening to me. It needed to be done. It was a necessary place at a time. Now it is just Club Med for murderers and misguided idiots. On the positive side for him, he is doing it within one year. On the negative is the remaining reality that those released may returned to being murdering bastards. Many of the counties of origin do not want the responsibility of taking the prisoners. It was a thorn in GW Bush for the entire time it was open, and it will remain so. B+ (here, he did what he said he was going to do.)
  • The stock market reaction to Obama. While most Presidents experience a slight drop on election day the market needs to grow a backbone. Now matter how much publicity the world gets of the new President, this is the real indicator of success. I am the first to admit the previous 8 years did not help any, this downturn started with Bill Clinton, and since they play for the same team, they get the same grade so far. D- (this was a democrat problem when Clinton left , it remains a Democrat problem today)
  • World public opinion. I hate this one, but it has to be a criteria for judging the new President. The halo effect is big on his recent media reach around. This won’t truly change, but in perception, the world is acting like they like Americans for today. They were always bad liars, those ingrates won’t change, and more than likely will go back to bashing us for their own messes.  A+ (Being nice because this baby is going to drop like a prom dress)

Overall grade: B

Not a bad start not a great one. A good chef is not summed up by the appetizers, however the presentation is highly important. Although it looks tasty, I am not sure it won’t make me sick yet.

A Brave New World..Same Old Song

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It is time to end my silence on the state of the world. Since my last post, the world has gone further into the depths of depression and financial ruin. We inaugurated a new president yesterday. He is my president now, and deserves my respect. I hope for nothing but the best. Throughout the day we were reminded of the racisim and slavery that blacks have dealt with in the past. Fact is, Obama has none of those stories to tell. When you scanned the mall in DC you saw a very interesting picture. Not a whole lot of white people made the trip to DC yesterday. That is fine with me. What didn’t get pointed out is, when they pan to the luncheon, not a whole lot of black people got that invite either. We still have ground to cover when it comes to race in America, on both sides of that fence. A few things that changed yesterday:

  • The term “The Man” can no longer be used to point out the white devil ruining the lives of ethnic minorities. They are “The Man” now act accordingly.
  • The media found it actually had a positive side left in reporting. Bad news is their piss poor fear mongering has put many of them on the chopping block as they go belly up. They exacerbated the problem, and shot themselves in the foot. Now that is taking one for the team.
  • Teddy Kennedy looks like hell. My prayers are with him, and his family as they fight their battle with this illness.
  • The next idiot who refers to the oratory prowess of the new President as “The Voice Of God” should be smacked around and sent to Montana. (Why Montana? Alot of space to hide idiots)
  • The world took a collective day off from the Anti-Americanism. They deserved it, They worked hard. On a side note, the US President still will do what is right for the USA first. He is not your President, and any of those funds you are desperately sucking at the red white and blue tit for go here first.
  • Britain is broke, Germany is busted, China is still censoring freedom while making your new futon.

There are so many things that are happeneing that it will take a week to catch up. Most of the current situation I have lined out in previous posts. Good luck folks, we are going to need it. My final thought of the day goes out to Chuck D of Public Enemy. A “Fear of  a Black Planet”? Nah it ain’t so bad.

black planet

Next Up: Subverting Leftist “Change” In America

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The Yankees and West Coast spoke yesterday. They said, “Gimme!” One look at the electoral map and you can see the true dividing line. No, the line had nothing to do with race, no matter how you paint it. I am happy we have a black man as president. It makes me want to vomit he is a leftist.  The failing states of California, New York, and Florida(along with the other union controlled states) are not my America. You allow unchecked immigration and amnesty and then lose by 4 million votes, you only have yourself to blame. The Jews of Florida voted for a man that will destroy Jerusalem. Good move morons. As for New York and California, I see your companies move here all the time. The south has your jobs, and you are pissed.  It is funny fact that only the up and coming south and Midwest voted with intelligence and foresight. A note to Puerto Rico, either become a state or get out of New york City. For too long have you enjoyed the benefits of being American while thumbing your noses at us. The Gimmie has got to go. We have 4 years to endure the brainwashing of our youth, and the tyranny of the minority. To remain prosperous the south may once again have to take the steps towards secession. It appears that the only way to stop the essentialist layabouts of our overpopulated coastal regions is to leave them in the dust. Let us not forget that these are the people who got right off the boat and said “We are here.” They didn’t move one inch further. For America to survive we may have to show the leftist and kiddies that their change is another word for failure. Any that disagree can kiss my rebel ass. It is going to get bumpy. The fight for our Republic is upon us. God help us.

Today Is The Day…To Fight Socialism

•November 4, 2008 • 1 Comment

By voting today you can do several wonderful things.

  • Stop the welfare state
  • Tell Europe, Africa, South America and the rest of the would where they can stick it
  • Make sure Chicago gets a good ole 1 million idiot riot
  • Expose the media hate machine that is the #1 enemy of the American way of life
  • Elect a war hero
  • Piss off hippies
  • Piss off racists

Ah.  A once in a lifetime action, with so much to be gained, and lost.

Election 2008 To Be Followed By Tantrum 2008…or Riot 2008

•November 3, 2008 • 4 Comments

People are going to throw a fit this time. America has always voted and transferred power peacefully. This year is going to be different. The elephant in the room is actually the democratic supporters of Barak Obama. Win or lose I see a riot around the bend. It is a side effect of the cult of personality and mob mentality of the Obama campaign. Radicalization of our undereducated masses is going to bite us in the ass on Wednesday. Think I am wrong? Hold a victory party for a million people and lose. Mix in a media who has been telling you that one candidate has “already won”, and “community organizer” groups like ACORN. Scary.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that only Obama supporters will be angry. McCain supporters would be equally as angry at the prospect of 4 years of a socialist dictator. A new civil war? Maybe. I live in the south. Outside of Atlanta, there will be no riots. Detroit, Chicago, LA, New York, and (add Yankee city here) have some real problems coming down the pipe. It is a major cause for concern. Stay safe out there, and vote with your head. Win or lose like an American. We transfer power peacefully here. Something I hope you liberal hippy professor added to class discussion while filling your head with Marxist bullshit.

If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man. Mark Twain